German Traffic Violations and Fines

Many fines for German traffic violations were increased effective February 1, 2009. The charts below indicate the penalties for each violation.

ViolationFine (€)PointsLicense Suspension
Exceeding Speed LimitWithin/outside city limitsWithin/outside city limitsWithin/outside city limits
Up to 10 km/h15/10
11-15 km/h25/20
16-21 km/h35/30
21-25 km/h80/701
26-30 km/h100/803
31-40 km/h160/12031 month (within city limits)
41-50 km/h200/1604/31 month
51-60 km/h280/24042 months/1 month
61-70 km/h480/44043 months/2 months
over 70 km/h680/60043 months
ViolationFine (€)PointsLicense Suspension
Distance in meters going faster than 80 km/h
Less than 5/10 of half speedometer751
Less than 4/10 of half speedometer1002
Less than 3/10 of half speedometer16031 month*
Less than 2/10 of half speedometer24042 months*
Less than 1/10 of half speedometer32043 months*
(*) = if speed was more than 100 km/h
(Example: At a speed of 100 km/h, the minimum distance to the vehicle in front should be 25 meters - 5/10 of half the speedometer)
Distance in meter going faster than 130 km/h
Less than 5/10 of half speedometer1002
Less than 4/10 of half speedometer1803
Less than 3/10 of half speedometer24041 month
Less than 2/10 of half speedometer32042 months
Less than 1/10 of half speedometer40043 months
Wrong turns
ViolationFine (€)Points
Improper left turn701
Turning without yielding right of way to oncoming vehicle702
Turning without yielding right-of-way to pedestrian702
Improper turn into private property; illegal/improper backing802
Autobahn and Highways
ViolationFine (€)PointsLicense Suspension
Turning around/reversing on exit/on ramp754
Turning around/reversing on shoulder1304
Turning/reversing/driving in wrong direction20041 month
Passing on shoulder752
Parking on autobahn or highways702
ViolationFine (€)PointsLicense Suspension
Failure to yield to oncoming train803
Failure to yield to barriers (gates, warning lights, attendant) at railway crossing24041 month
Pedestrian/bicycle crossing while gate closed 3504
Vehicular crossing while gate closed 70043 months
Hit and run
Hit and run with extenuating circumstances (accident in slow traffic, minimal damage, retroactive report by offender within 24 hours)5
Other cases of hit and run7
Vehicle deficiencies
ViolationFine (€)Points
Obstructing license plate visibility501
Use of motor vehicle (except motorbike) or trailer with tires below minimal tred requirements503
Or arranged or allowed by owner753
Use of motor vehicle or trailer in deficient condition903
Or arranged or allowed by owner1353
Pedestrian Crosswalk
ViolationFine (€)Points
Failure to yield to pedestrian, failure to obey posted speed limits, passing in a crosswalk804
Violation of right turn on green arrow
ViolationFine (€)Points
Failure to stop before turning703
Failure to yield right-of-way1003
Hindering pedestrian or bike traffic in bike lanes1003
Endangering pedestrian or bike traffic in bike lanes1503
Seatbelt Violations
ViolationFine (€)
Failure to fasten seatbelt (also in buses)30
Cell phone ban
ViolationFine (€)Points
Use of cell phone while operating a motor vehicle401
Use of cell phone while operating a bicycle 25
Inspection or Emission Control Violations (expired inspection date)
ViolationFine (€)Points
Up to 2 months15
2 to 4 months25
4 to 8 months401
more than 8 months752
Failure to use right lane
ViolationFine (€)Points
Jeopardizing another vehicle in two-way traffic, while being passed, on hilltops, in curves or with insufficient visibility802
Hindering another vehicle on autobahns or highways801
Red light violations
ViolationFine (€)PointsLicense Suspension
Running a red light903
With endangerment20041 month
With damages24041 month
Running an "old" red light (longer than 1 sec.)20041 month
With endangerment36041 month
With damages36041 month
ViolationFine (€)PointsLicense Suspension
Within city limits30
Within city limits; with damages35
Outside city limits1003
Passing too slowly in relation to the overtaken vehicle801
Unsafe passing for existing traffic conditions1003
Unsafe passing for existing traffic conditions; passing in violation of road signs, outside lane markings1504
With endangerment25041
With damages30041
Passing inviolation of posted signs701
Right of way
ViolationFine (€)Points
Approaching priority road at an inappropriate speed10
Hindering vehicle with right of way 25
Jeopardizing vehicle with right of way 1003
Violating of right of way while entering autobahn or highways753
Failure to yield at a stop sign503
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
Blood alcohol level (pro milliliter)No signs of driving impairmentWith signs of driving impairmentCaused an accident
from 0.3 (alcohol shows impact)n/a7 points7 points
fine or jailfine or jail
from 0.5 (twice the accident risk)4 points7 points7 points
up to € 3,000fine or jail (up to 5 years)fine or jail (up to 5 years)
up to 3 months driving banrevocation of licenserevocation of license
from 1.1 (10 times more likely to have an accident)7 points7 points7 points
fine or jail (up to 5 years)fine or jail (up to 5 years)fine or jail (up to 5 years)
revocation of licenserevocation of licenserevocation of license
Alcohol prohibition for learner's permit
ViolationFine (€)Points
Within probation period according to 2a of the trafficcode, or before 21st birthday.2502
Child vehicle safety violations
ViolationFine (€)Points
Failure to fasten child's seatbelt (also in buses)30
Unsafe transportation of one child but with restraining device30
Unsafe transportation of multiple children but with restraining devices35
Transporting one child without restraining device401
Transporting multiple children without restraining devices501

(Source: Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs)