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Moving to Europe or going home from overseas? Find your best Volvo car deal while living abroad! Our program ensures mobility wherever you are – global specs and international shipping available.

Finding a car often is one of the top priorities for expatiates when they plan or begin their posting.

Our program ensures mobility world-wide for:

  • Non-EU citizens looking for a car to drive in Europe
  • U.S. citizens or Canadian citizens going home
  • EU-citizens moving outside the EU (e.g. USA, Canada, Africa, Asia)
  • Personnel at diplomatic missions (embassies / consulates), trade missions or foreign aid missions
  • Employees at European Union institutions and agencies, United Nations and its agencies or other intergovernmental organizations
  • Military personnel of NATO member states deployed overseas

These are only case studies. The expatriate regulations vary across different countries – that’s why our expert English-speaking specialists will advise and assist you with all the details you need for a safe purchase.


Just a few benefits:

  • tailor-made Volvo that meets the local specifications necessary for your destination (world-wide)
  • set factory prices (no battle with local salesmen)
  • special sales promotions / discounts / rebates for expats
  • English- and German-speaking staff
  • assistance with formalities in Germany and other countries
  • international warranties
  • complimentary Home Shipment Program from Europe to North America (U.S. / Canadian specs cars)
  • international insurance and registration (limited to certain scenarios)
  • option of VIP factory in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • direct shipment to many places in Europe and North America as well as ports throughout the world

Receive a Quick Quote for a custom-built Volvo - no obligation.


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Order online or arrange an appointment at one of our locations in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main or Rhine-Neckar metropolitan regions

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