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FAQ - Home Renovation Professionals

We have just purchased a home in Germany that needs renovating. How do we begin looking for professionals for the jobs we need done?

A website with registered craftsmen is at www.handwerkernet.de. Although it is in German, it is fairly simple to use. You can search either by craft or city. To search by city, just click on "Handwerker nach Orten gelistet." Oddly enough, if you click on "Handwerker nach Bundesländer/Kreise/Orte gelistet," you will get a listing of specialties, which will then direct you to the various towns and cities.

You can also search for builders in the yellow pages online at www.GelbeSeiten.de. For the field "Was/Wen," type in renovierungen or Bauherrenberatung (building contractors) and for "Wo" type in your city.

This is one instance where asking around is probably the best answer - talk to neighbors and ask at your local Rathaus (city hall).