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The Keys to the Expat Community in Germany

The more you know about the Expat market, the more you will want to know about How To Germany.

The Expat Market is... Large, Affluent, Motivated

It's not often that a marketer finds a well-defined and lucrative consumer group. The expat market is one. It means business for you – and How To Germany is the most effective way to reach it.

What's so great about this market? At any given time there are over one million English-speaking expats in Germany (those whose native language is English as well as others whose “first” second language is English.)

Don't overlook these potential customers. They are all in need of products and services that are required and often necessary for an extended stay in Germany. Whether it’s health (and other) insurances, housing, banking, schooling, relocation services, legal help, tax assistance, business advice and a whole host of other important services and products, How To Germany can help you.

How To Germany Website


The How To Germany website has been online since 1998.

It is a comprehensive, popular website with over 600 pages that contain over 185 in-depth articles. This archive of information has been compiled for over 24 years and was introduced in the first print issue of How To Germany magazine in 1997.

Over 1.93 million visitors have logged on to the website in the past 12 months. (As of September 30, 2021.)

Frequent updates on important topics as well as a newsletter are important features of the website.

The website normally ranks in the top five of Google and other search engine results for most topics related to Germany. Hundreds of sites link to How To Germany generating tens of thousands of new and repeat visitors each month.

Advertising possibilities

Display Advertising


The most popular and effective advertisement on the website is a Storefront. You can see samples of them on the right side under different categories on the home page of the website as well as with many of the articles.

A Storefront mini-banner (button) can be a static logo or an animated gif with a logo. A website visitor can view a Storefront by clicking on the button on the right side of the page and text links at the end of all relevant articles.

When the text link or button is clicked on, a separate display page opens with information about a company and its services. There can be a logo, photos, graphics, videos and several hundred words of text. It can also include full contact information and links to email and website. We can make a slide show with the photos, too.

A Storefront button and text link will appear with all articles relevant to its category. All Storefront buttons and categories are also on the homepage.

Direct-link Banner ads

One of the new ad opportunities we’ve developed is a “responsive” banner that can be put into certain individual articles. (The available articles are original How To Germany created content — not articles contributed by clients or copyrighted articles from freelancers.)

The “responsive” banner is an ad that re-sizes size depending on the device being used. It is an ad that is more or less immune to ad blockers. And, can be read by Google and other search engines, it can help score points in overall search engine rankings for an advertiser’s website.

The ad can link directly to a website home page, a specified landing page on a site or to a Storefront display page on the How To Germany website.

This program is available only to How To Germany Storefront advertisers as an added value feature (not a replacement for existing Storefront ads). We intend to limit the number of in-article ads to 2-3 per article.

We do all production at no cost and the ad can be changed at any time at no cost.

You can see a samples of this type ad on the home page:


The price of these banner ads depends on the page or article in which they would appear and how big they are. If you are interested in this type of ad, let us and we can send a price quote.

Native advertising, Editorial attribution, Sponsored articles

We offer a variety of “content” advertising and promotional possibilities as an added value to Storefront advertisers. These can include guest contributions with attribution and links, sponsored articles as well as native advertising. These types of promotion and publicity have to meet industry standards as well as How To Germany editorial standards regarding disclosure, objectivity, relevance and informational value.

Affiliate and partnership programs: CPA, CPL

We are willing to participate in Cost Per Action and Cost Per Lead affiliate or partnership programs. We do not participate in Cost Per Click programs.

In order to seamlessly integrate the components of these types of programs within our Display Advertising Model we charge set-up and tenancy fees. There may also be other requirements that potential affiliates or partners may need to meet.

Contact us directly for more details.

How To Germany Newsletter

The How To Germany Newsletter is undergoing a format change and will be published and delivered twice a month starting in November 2021. Advertisers can sponsor the newsletter. Full and partial sponsorships are available at favorable rates. There are over 2,600 opt-in subscribers to the newsletter.

How To Germany Digital Publication

How To Germany's first digital magazine was made available as a pdf for downloading in January 2013. The digital issue includes much of the important information found on the website and in the annual print publication.

It includes articles, lists, charts, interactive pages as well as hyperlinks that can be used if a reader is connected to the Internet when reading the publication. A complete table of contents with jump links is included for easy reading and content browsing when off-line. There is an index of advertisers by category with jump links to the ads. The magazine is continually updated. Subscribers and website viewers are notified of updates to enable them to download and view the latest issues.

The size and format is especially suited for easy reading on tablet devices. Advertisers benefit by being able to select various sizes and types of ads. Ads can have embedded hyperlinks as well as other features that could include animation, slide shows or embedded video.

Rates start at €150 and range to €600, depending on the size of the ads.


The digital magazine is available on the www.howtogermany.com website as an interactive pdf download. Emails with links to the magazine download page are also sent to the 2,500+ subscribers to the How To Germany newsletter.

The current issue of the How To Germany Digital Issue can be downloaded in pdf format at this link: https://www.howtogermany.com/pages/digital.html.

Find Out More about advertising with How To Germany

For specific information and a customized ad proposal email us at: