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The Expatriate Press in Germany

English-speaking residents in Germany will have little trouble finding reading matter.

Most neighborhoods will have one or more newsstands with a few good-selling English titles, printed in Europe; including the International Herald Tribune, USA Today, The Economist, Time and Newsweek. They also often have major dailies published in the United Kingdom, including the tabloid Daily Mail and the more serious Daily Telegraph and Times.

All of the above-mentioned publications have online versions that you can google. The German newsmagazine Der Speigel also has an English-language website at www.spiegel.de/international.

A step beyond the neighborhood stands are the "international newsstands" at major gathering places, such as airports, main train stations, shopping malls, downtown subway stations and big hotels. They import many magazines printed in the states or the UK. English-language publications of a general nature will usually be grouped together, but if you are looking for some sort of a specialized magazine, dealing, say, with cars or women interest subjects, you may find them mixed in with the German magazines on those subjects.

Big bookstores, such as the branches of the Hugendubel chain also have many publications in English; not only books but periodicals and computer software as well.

And then there is the on-line bookstore. Amazon (www.amazon.de) claims to have 350,000 English language titles in stock in Germany and can deliver them within a day or two. And Amazon's British operation (www.amazon.co.uk), with more than 700,000 English-language titles, is only slightly further off.