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The 1A Consumer Portal Guide - Compare and Find the Best Health Insurances in Germany

The 1A Consumer Portal provides comprehensive information regarding all facets of the German health insurance system. As a proven source of vital health insurance information, it is visited by more than 5,000,000 visitors annually. By enabling you to find and compare the best of Germany's insurance providers, we help you select the right insurance which best covers your needs -- not only in health but also in the areas of retirement, long-term care and occupational disability insurance, among others.

With comprehensive check lists, FAQs and videos, we address actual areas of concern, specific topics and situations that may arise. Our detailed test reports enable you to make the right choices easily. Our consultants will provide you with plentiful information. Should you still have unanswered questions and concerns, our 1A team members are always available.

Private Health Insurance - Tests and Evaluations 2017

Germany's dual health insurance system is unique. No other country in the world has such a system. Most of Germany's population is covered by the "Gesetzlich" or "public" system. However, if you meet the requirements, it is possible to be privately covered. Private insurance can be an augmented coverage or it can replace the "public" insurance entirely.

Generally, privately insured individuals can enjoy more substantial benefits than persons holding public health insurance coverage. We regularly analyze the latest tests of numerous private health insurers (PKV-News or Expert Tips) and compare the results of many renowned testing institutions.

Major consumer product testing companies, such as the Warentest Foundation, regularly review private health insurers on issues such as service, the quality of their offerings and their value-for-money. On our 1A Portal we assemble the results of many tested insurance companies and provide you with detailed comparative information. That way you can find the health insurance from among all providers that best suits your needs and budget.

Here are some of the important items we offer you:

  • Current test reports of leading testing facilities
  • Comparative test results of the top providers
  • Overview of all the results
  • Analysis of individual private insurers
  • Presentation of the most economical insurance rates


Occupational Disability Insurance - Summary of All the Latest Test Results

Having to stop working because of health-related issues is not a rare matter but a regularly occurring situation with serious implications. Unfortunately, statistics reveal that one in four people will be indisposed and unable to work because of health issues. This figure is especially shocking if a person is not appropriately insured against this contingency.

You can discover which provider among Germany's leading insurers offers the best coverage for occupational disability insurance through our detailed test reports by independent institutions. Compiled evaluations of test results can certainly make comparisons much easier.

Investigate for yourself the most effective disability insurance providers offering the best conditions. Here are some advantages our 1A Portal provides you:

  • Up to date test results from the top consumer ratings & analysis firms
  • Comparison of the top providers
  • Individual listing of each provider's advantages and disadvantages
  • Ratings of providers' services and product quality
  • Important updated information regarding all aspects of occupational disability insurance


Supplementary Dental Insurance - Compare the Best Providers for 2017

Although supplementary dental insurance coverage is not always regarded as a necessary part of one's overall health coverage, it really can make a lot of sense -- particularly when it comes to dental care in Germany. Should a significant dental condition arise, high costs will result. For that reason, the number of insured subscribing to supplementary dental insurance has risen greatly in recent years.

On the 1A Consumer Portal you will find all of the comprehensive test results and essential information regarding supplementary dental health care insurance. Our 2017 current ratings of the very best providers enable you to make the necessary comparisons in order to make the correct decisions based on those variables affecting you. And where do you get the strongest coverage at the best price? Answers to these questions and the best providers are all to be found here on 1A Portal This is what you will find:

  • Recent Test Results 2017
  • Comparison of the top providers
  • The most economical supplementary dental insurance programs
  • Who's offering the best services
  • Financial strengths of insurers
  • Most important information regarding all aspects of dental coverage



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