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ABBM Group, Ltd LLP

ABBM Group, Ltd LLP is a full service CPA firm, founded by Clinton F. Bateman in 1967. Based in Houston, Texas - but with an international scope - the firm has worked hard to build a reputation as a quality, highly professional CPA firm. It is well known throughout the accounting profession.

WE SPEAK THE LANGUAGE of Americans Living Overseas

Meeting the needs...
International taxation demands are a major concern for the global traveler and worker.

As the world grows smaller, tax considerations grow more complex. Expatriates have special tax considerations, both at home and abroad. The complexity and constant change in tax rules - both U.S. and foreign - demands a higher level of knowledge and service.

Professional help is available to guide you through this maze of complexities. We are experienced in giving professional, competent help to people just like you.

Who you are...
As an American living abroad, you probably earn an above average income. You also have special tax needs, both at home and abroad.

Expatriate taxation is a complicated and ever-changing area. Our goal is for you to pay the lowest income tax possible.

Who we are...
ABBM Group, Ltd LLP may be the biggest small firm you'll ever find…big in ideas, and big in vision. Big in quality of work product and quality of client service. And yet we're small enough to have a close relationship with clients.

UK200Group and IAPA members are independent accounting firms located in more than 200 cities around the world, including about 20 members in principal cities of the U.S. Each member firm is a leader in its geographic area, and was admitted after a rigorous investigation.

At ABBM, we work hard at maintaining relationships with our UK200Group and IAPA colleagues around the world. This means we can pick up the telephone to provide an introduction for you with a colleague overseas at a moment's notice. That's a big plus for you!

We serve privately-owned companies, Americans living overseas, foreign persons and companies residing in and doing business in the U.S., high income individuals, partnerships, trusts, estates, and non-profit organizations.

Our philosophy...
We want to perform the highest quality professional services available for a reasonable fee.

That's not easy. It takes a stringent system of quality control, and highly qualified and motivated people. It demands dedication and hard work. It means no cutting corners.

At ABBM Group, Ltd LLP, we feel a strong sense of duty to our clients - and ourselves - to be true to those lofty principles.

Leading the way...
Our experience assures you of all the deductions and credits to which you are legally entitled. Through our membership in UK200Group, we and our affiliates can handle your tax needs both in the U.S. and in your country of foreign assignment.

You have the confidence of knowing that your taxes will be handled by experts experienced in the tax laws in both jurisdictions. In case of an Audit by IRS, we can represent you, vigorously presenting your position in "tax" language the IRS will understand. We pledge to carry your case to them competently and effectively.

We speak the language!


ABBM Group, Ltd LLP

Certified Public Accountants
9575 Katy Freeway, Suite 370
Houston, Texas 77024

PHONE +1-713-552-9800
FAX (713) 552-9700

Email: Clinton F. Bateman, CPA (cbateman@abbmgroup.com)
Kara B. McDuffie, CPA (kmcduffie@abbmgroup.com)
Kelli D. Perkins, CPA (kperkins@abbmgroup.com)