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Fast Track Your Health Insurance

Are you planning to take up employment in Germany and will be earning a gross salary of more than more than 64.350,00 € in 2021?

Or are you registering your own company and taking up residence in Germany to run it?

Then private health insurance is an attractive option for you. I am specialized in the field of private health insurance. The German Finance Service Institute (DFSI) tested private health insurance providers on service and premium, and financial strength. Allianz was nominated "Best Private Health Insurance".

We can help you to quickly and efficiently get the cover you need while meeting all the German legal requirements.

arrowSTEP 1: Send an e-mail headed: "Fast Track my health insurance" to graham.waters@allianz.de and just put your name in the body of the mail.

arrowSTEP 2: We will get back to you with a health insurance starter kit and further information on how to proceed.

arrowSTEP 3: We quickly provide you with a basis for deciding on your future health insurance status in Germany and guide you on the next steps and options open to you.

arrowSTEP 4: We provide documentation required by the German authorities in connection with private health insurance.

arrowSTEP 5: Most important. Even after your insurance is up and running we are there personally to provide fast and efficient after-sales support and assistance - in English.

Allianz is among the leading insurance providers in Germany and has 75 Million customers in over 70 countries . Whether you would like to insure your health, your life, your income, your property or your business we provide a one-stop solution for you.


Graham Waters
Insurance Specialist (BWV)
Allianz Beratungs- und Vertriebs-AG

Mainstrasse 37
D-63065 Offenbach am Main

Tel: +49 (0)172-4620019

For information in English please click the following link: