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Volvo Diplomat and Expat Sales


Diplomat Sales

Autohaus Haese GmbH has special offers for the staff of diplomatic missions (embassies / consulates) as well employees of EU institutions (ECB, ESA, EIOPA, etc.) and other intergovernmental organizations.

The unique benefits of our program include:

  • Cars for private or official use
  • Global specifications: Europe (EU, UK, IRL), North America (USA, CA), Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc.
  • English and German-speaking staff - by your side before, during and after the order process
  • Assistance with registration, tax, insurance and other formalities in Germany
  • Swedish export registration (where required)
  • Trade-in support for your existing vehicle
  • International warranties
  • Complimentary Home Shipment Program from Europe to North America (U.S. / Canadian specs cars)
  • Flexible delivery options:
  • Location in Germany
  • VIP Factory Delivery Experience in Gothenburg, Sweden - Volvo Headquarters
  • Direct shipment to many places in Europe and North America as well as ports throughout the world

Check out our current promotions and save on top of the regular diplomat discount!

Expat Sales

Volvo offers a variety of discounted and tax free programs to qualified expats. Depending on your nationality, country of residence, next foreign assignment or home country return, you may be eligible for unique advantages.

Expats can have a Volvo waiting for them at their next overseas assignment; purchase a Volvo for a temporary assignment, drive it in the new destination country, and have it shipped back to their home country.

Other advantages could include:
Global Warranty
The 2-year factory warranty on cars sold via Volvo Cars Diplomat & Expat Sales is an International Warranty valid anywhere in the world unless otherwise stated.

Delivery to your posting abroad

Home shipment from Europe to the US and Canada

VIP Factory Delivery in Sweden
Our most unique option is to take delivery at the Volvo Factory Delivery Center in the home city of Volvo - Gothenburg, Sweden. Get a personal presentation of your new car, experience the factory tour, Volvo museum and more.

Contact our Diplomat and Expat sales office to see if you qualify.


Autohaus Haese GmbH

Sylvester Hall
Branch Manager

Autohaus Haese GmbH
Diplomat/Expat Sales

Boelckestraße 38
55252 Mainz-Kastel

Tel: 06134-284943 / Mobil: 0170-166 2150
Fax: 06134-284514
Mail: sylvester.hall@autohaus-haese.de

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