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Insure yourself for today - Plan for the tomorrow

Compared to other countries the German insurance system and the insurance-based retirement savings system is a very complicated one. Our aim is to take as much time as needed to explain the system to our clients so they actually understand for themselves what they are doing, that they identify the needs they have and are guided towards the appropriate solutions.

Germany is a heavily insurance-based market and the German government works closely together with the insurance industry to ensure that its inhabitants have access to affordable insurance solutions to cover all major risks that people face in everyday life. For example; the German state pension system is not a position to offer long-term protection against old-age poverty. Recognizing this problem the government subsidizes private insurance based pension solutions directly through tax benefits.

At Blacktower Expat Solutions GmbH we offer the entire range of insurance-based products available on the German market to ensure that you get the most suitable cover for you circumstances for the best value for money. It is true to say that the complicated German bureaucratic system is not a myth and does exist. We at Blacktower are here to help you through the maze of laws and legislation, thereby helping to make your stay in Germany as easy, secure and enjoyable as it should be.

It is our company philosophy to offer our clients not only the help they need when first arriving but also to offer them the best possible service for the duration of their stay. We are here to independently advise you on the gaps in the German social system and what is available to cover any needs you may have. We help to provide yourself and your family with not only the best protection against any eventualities that might occur during your time in Germany but also to help you plan for a financially secure future, wherever that may be.

Retirement Solutions:

The German state pension scheme (Gesetzliche Rentenversicherung) is the cornerstone of pension planning in Germany. It has however a major fault -demographically, the baby boom generation is now nearing retirement age and with a current low birth rate, an even smaller workforce is having to pay for this increasing number of pensioners.

The German government has realized that this will lead to lower pension levels and are actively encouraging its inhabitants towards private pension planning. They are doing this through a system of mostly tax subsidized, insurance based solutions. Most expats living and working in Germany have no idea that these benefits exist and are also available to them.

Let us at Blacktower Expat Solutions GmbH use our expertise to help you make the most of the benefits available to you. We want to help make Germany work for you and your future.

Insurance Solutions:

At Blacktower Expat Solutions GmbH, we not only realize the importance of having a sound financial plan for the growth of your investments and retirement funds, but also how crucial it is to protect what you have already achieved.

An accident, illness or other unforeseen risks can soon put an end to the most carefully planned financial future. It is therefore vitally important in any plan for future financial security to incorporate protection against these unfortunate but common occurrences. However, while living and working in a foreign country you are having to deal with a different set of rules and regulations. As such it can be very confusing to decide which risks are really relevant to you and in which areas you need added protection and security.

Blacktower Expat Solutions was set up because we understand the need for the complete package when it comes to giving advice on both your present and future financial security. If you are an expatriate living in Germany, we can help you navigate through the maze of insurance products, finding not only the right package designed for your specific needs but the best cover for the lowest premium.

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