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Business Set-up Ltd

A German consulting company catering to the business needs of our foreign clients.

Our Vision:

We are focused on guiding international business and individuals in establishing themselves in the German market.

Our Mission

We will continually demonstrate our in-depth understanding of the needs of our international clients by our commitment to easy accessibility and long-term guidance.

About us:

We are a team of professionals who understand the special needs and situations for businesses abroad.

We provide advice to Americans as well as British business owners (living abroad or in Germany) with employees working in Germany.

We advise on all matters regarding your business.

We help in establishing new companies.

Our human resources experience provides great flexibility in solving each individual’s problems or concerns.

We can break down complex issues into terms everyone understands.

We have established communication channels with:

  • The Foreign Affairs Office
  • German Health Insurance Offices
  • American SSA
  • German Retirement Office

Our Services:

  • Business start-up
  • Opening of German bank accounts
  • Business License
  • Benefits to American employees such as Kindergeld, retirement refund
  • Bank transfers to German authorities.
  • Visa and residence permits for people from outside the EU who want to do business in Germany
  • Benefits to American employees with SoFA status such as Kindergeld and Retirement refund


  • Assistance to American Government Service contractors and their employees who are working in Germany with SoFA status or ordinary residence status
  • Local companies, freelancers
  • Looking for benefits of your employees/contractors
  • Assistance to British employers with employees working in Germany
  • Assistance to American churches and other non-profit organizations and their employees
  • Individuals with rental property in Germany
  • Employees with SoFA status

How we can help:

  • Explanation of the German Social Insurance System
  • Exemptions clauses such as E 101, Certificate of Coverage
  • Calculations of net salaries
  • Wire transfers
  • Direct deposits
  • Assistance at the notary public
  • Opening of German bank accounts
  • Benefits to employees
  • Registration of your business, start-up and set-up


Business Set-up Ltd

Kreuzhof 4
66877 Ramstein

Ms. Susanne Lang
Tel: +49 (0) 6371-962316