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Legal Services for Employees in Germany - Easy. Online. Without Financial Risk!

Have you been dismissed in Germany?

CONNY can help you. Terminations are often unlawful due to the Dismissal Protection Act. CONNY assists you to make sure you protect your rights. Receive a severance pay or ward off the termination with the partner lawyers of conny.legal.

Be quick, you only have 3 weeks to take action against the termination and file a lawsuit. 

What's so special about conny.legal?

Using CONNY’s services is easy and in English, can be done online, and you don't have to take any financial risk.

Not taking any financial risk means that Conny GmbH assumes all legal fees and court costs. Only in the case of success do you pay a proportional commission. Otherwise you will not be charged anything.

CONNY's partner lawyers are experts in dealing with terminations. Professionally and in a trusting manner, they’ll fend off unjustified terminations or ensure fair severance payments for employees. The promise: You as a customer can benefit from legal support and do not have to bear any financial risk

  • Extensive experience: Numerous employees have already used CONNY's services and taken action against their terminations.
  • Labour law experts: The CONNY partner lawyers ensure that your case is professionally handled and that you are well represented.
  • No financial risk: Conny GmbH assumes all legal fees and court costs. Only in the case of success do you pay a proportional commission of the success sum.
  • Don't be afraid of your employer: It is your right to take action against your termination. There are no negative consequences for your future employment 

Get a free initial termination check >>

How does it work?

Step 1: Free initial termination check.
Provide only a few details about your termination online. Based on this information, you will receive a free schematic review of your Dismissal and an offer on how to proceed.

Step 2: Commission CONNY
Commission CONNY to finance their partner attorneys to take action against your termination. CONNY assumes all costs - if necessary also in court.

Step 3: Professional representation
Trust the partner attorneys at CONNY. They will take care of your case - quickly and professionally. Frequently, an out-of-court settlement can already be reached.

Stand up for your rights!

Labour law is a difficult subject. We all hope not to have to come back to it. Nonetheless, there can always be ambiguities and disputes with the employer. Many employers make use of their information and power advantage. At the same time, employees often shy away from going to a lawyer, because:

Going to a lawyer is difficult, costs a lot of money and brings with it the risk of being stuck with high costs.

That is why CONNY is there for you. They’ve made it their goal to help employees to obtain their rights as simple as possible and without bearing any financial risk. Therefore its slogan:
CONNY helps employees - Simple. Online. Without financial risk

Find out more about CONNY's service >>

Don't be afraid of your employer! You are in good hands!

The dismissal protection procedure in Germany is a standardized procedure. It shows a high degree of rationality and often leads to a reasonable outcome for all parties involved. The highly experienced CONNY partner lawyers ensure that the procedure is professional and that you are well represented.


Conny GmbH

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 8d
10999 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 54908217
E-Mail: info@conny.legal
Web: www.conny.legal/en Check now >> conny.legal is a service of Conny GmbH. The team of legal and technology experts around lawyer Dr. Daniel Halmer has already developed Germany's best-known tenant portal www.wenigermiete.de and has enforced legal claims for many thousands of clients. Dr. Daniel Halmer is one of the most renowned German consumer protection lawyers.