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Whether you are incorporating a new business, planning to restructure your existing organization or looking into a possible new acquisition in Germany.

Consultinghouse is providing innovative solutions to address unique business challenges that support companies across various industries.

Clients engage our advisory services to successfully manage their complete business lifecycle in a strong German economy.

Consultinghouse provides customized services tailored for international companies doing business in Germany:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Market entry strategy
  • Business opportunity analysis & market research
  • Brand management
  • Interims executive management
  • Business incorporation services
  • Accounting* services
  • Employer services
  • Payroll services

Go on a journey with us and experience an End2End Business Life Cycle throughout 14 comprehensive steps!

A Company's Journey

*All services offered on this website are provided by Consultinghouse A.M.C. int GmbH and are exclusively carried out under 6 Nr.3-4 of the German tax adviser direction code. Consultinghouse provides management consulting as well as services in regard to accounting of current business activities, the generation of payslips, as well as the registration for payroll tax. For tax or legal services please contact our cooperation partner www.counselhouse.eu.



BONN, GERMANY - The highly regarded German Federal Accountant and Controller Association (BVBC - www.bvbc.de), officially recognized Martin Wilke for his accomplishments as Senior Business Consultant and Managing Director of Consultinghouse and his 35 years of membership in the Association.

Mr. Wilke is a graduate of the German Tax Government University of Rothenburg, Germany where he majored in commercial law as well as international tax and financial accounting. He has over 40 years of experience in accounting and business/management consulting.

Among his accomplishments, Mr. Wilke has worked for the tax and accounting division of the German Tax Authorities (Finanzamt) and also for the international tax and audit company PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

His crowning achievement is being the founder of Consultinghouse A.M.C. int. GmbH. Since its establishment, Mr. Wilke has successfully advised international companies from 20 countries across various industries including: automotive, life science, healthcare, information technology, service, manufacturing, and consumer goods.

It takes broad knowledge, top-notch networking skills, and years of experience to reach the suitable expertise to advise international clients and gain their trust to enter the German market. Mr. Wilke has displayed these qualities time and time again. His intercultural competence and diverse experience reinforce his suitability not just as a receiver of an award but as a well-established senior business consultant and director of Consultinghouse.

About BVBC

With headquarters in Bonn, The Bundesverband der Bilanzbuchhalter und Controller eV (BVBC) has more than 5,000 active members and includes 11 regional associations.

The accounting and controlling association was founded in 1976 initially for accountants and in 1994 opened up to professional controllers. The Federal Association of Accountants and Controllers, as a professional association, represents the interests of its members in regards to politics and the economy. In addition, it offers job-specific regional training and qualification measures.

About Consultinghouse

The company was established in 1983 and has been the place where people come to begin their entry into the German and wider European markets. Over the past 35+ years, the Consultinghouse team has achieved great success in the thriving German marketplace. Their expert consultants have the vision to provide customized advisory services from a single and trusted source, serving clients from more than fifteen different countries and from ten different industries, creating value for their clients, and addressing unique business challenges.

Consultinghouse has a team of highly skilled employees for international firms entering the German and Greater European market. Their sister partners include Counselhouse Tax & Legal Advisory (www.counselhouse.eu) and Market Expansion Services (www.marketexpansion.services).



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