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Private Liability Insurance from Coya

Private liability insurance is one of the essential insurances offered in Germany. It doesn't take much to make a mistake that could affect someone else, and since you would be liable under German law, this insurance is there to help you sleep calmly at night. Coya is your new digital insurance, free from paperwork, fixed contract lengths and deductibles. Fair, easy and user-centric is the motto by which we live.

Coya Dashboard

Why Coya?

  • Zero deductible
  • Digital - we run paperless
  • Cancel any day - no fixed contract length
  • 10 Mio. Euro as coverage
  • Contract & Support available in English
Coya Coya Claim

What would your insurance cover?

Property or Physical damage: if you hurt another individual physically by accident or do damage to their property, Coya covers the costs involved with both the damage and/or the individual's resulting financial losses (eg. they can’t work for a period of time)

Key loss: if you lose your apartment or office key, Coya reimburses the costs for replacing both key and locks, if necessary.

Unlawful Demands: in addition to reviewing claims, Coya would also check if the demanded reimbursement is fair and within the legally required boundaries.

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