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Your English speaking partner for everything electrical – wiring, cables, home IT network installation, satellite TV, alarm systems, home security, intercoms and more …

Why are we your best choice?

Key Card

With DEHN INSTATEC, you enjoy advantages that only a specialist company can offer you.

Working together we determine your needs, advise you comprehensively and specifically and plan and implement your needs on time and professionally.

Full English language assistance in consultations, installation and maintenance

Our Services include:

Home and Building security

We offer security for companies and families. Statistics show that a break-in occurs somewhere in Germany every two minutes. By investing in effective security and burglary protection, the risk can be reduced.

Surveillance Camera
Photo from: pixabay.com/de/
  • Burglary protection
  • Video surveillance
  • Modern locking systems with electrical access control
Door Lock
Photo from: pixabay.com/de/

Fire protection and evacuation

Fire is the element that humanity has always feared the most.

Fortunately, today we can protect ourselves from the risk of fire with modern fire alarm systems and home smoke detectors.

  • Home smoke detectors
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Notifications by alarm tone and on a smartphone
  • Automatic danger reports to the emergency call center
  • Building evacuation systems with voice alarms and emergency lighting

Antenna systems – We care about reception

  • Satellite TV consultation and installation for homes and apartments

Intercoms – More than a button and a bell

  • Installation of modern intercom systems
  • Camera integration to make a video intercom

Lighting – Where light meets shadow

  • Lighting with functional designs and high aesthetic standards
  • Individual and customized concepts and systems

E-mobility – Partners fit for the future

  • Avoid problems with the stresses that arise when charging an electric vehicle
  • Assessment, installation and conversion for charging electric vehicles


Electrical installation – Small changes or reinstallation

  • Small and large scale projects for single homes, condominiums and businesses
Electrical Outlet
Photo from: pixabay.com/de/

Network technology – Individual, complete solutions

  • Ensures that the data and information required for all those connected to the network are available at all times and performs appropriately
  • Standard compliant cabling and tailor made IT solutions from the wall socket to the devices


  • Security and safety checks for all electrical devices and installation
  • Standard wiring checks
  • Photovoltaic system checks
  • IT check of all devices, transmission rates, radiation and transmission paths

Energy efficiency

  • Consultation and help with ensuring your house, apartment or business is as energy efficient as possible


Hand Shake

Have you had bad experiences with companies meeting deadlines? Not with us!

We keep our appointments – through direct communication with our dealers, we know which products are available and when they arrive. Advice is available on-site or in one of our many offices.

Our customer and emergency services are available 24 hours a day – every day of the year.

About us:

Electricity and energy have been our business for over 110 years. And this is what drives us every day, on every project and on every challenge – ever since Hans Dehn registered a trade in Nuremberg for “installing electrical systems” in 1910.

Building on our tradition, we have kept up with the increasingly changing and complex technologies – and today cover the entire range of services in the electrical trade.

More than 300 employees, including 70 trainees, are in daily use for our customers. Whether homes, apartments, schools, old people's homes, residential complexes or clinics; whether production halls, logistics centers or car dealerships; whether sewage treatment plants, hardware stores or hotels – we are your strongest partner in the electrical trade. We have offices in Bavaria, in Thuringia, in Hamburg and provide service nationwide.



Nürnberg office
Rennweg 15
90489 Nürnberg
Phone: 0911/58181-0
Mail: nuernberg@dehn-instatec.de

Dedicated Contact Person and Telephone number for English language inquiries:
Frau Sigrid Hehz
Phone: 0151/15138-184
Mail: anfrage@dehn-instatec.de

Service-hotline available 24 hours a day all year round at 0911/58181-2221

Headquarters in Neumarkt
Hans-Dehn-Straße 1a
92318 Neumarkt
Phone: 09181/906-6600
Mail: neumarkt@dehn-instatec.de