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How to ship documents or letters to or from Germany

From important documents to letters and postcards, learn how Eurosender can help your moving experience to be amazing and stress-free!

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Are you moving to or from Germany and need to arrange to send various documents related to visa application to embassies, employment or study contract, or even the confirmation of the health plan? Although it seems like a lot to be solved, it has become easy since the introduction of Eurosender's postal services.

Eurosender offers solutions for those who want to send packages, documents, or essential letters efficiently without going through all the normally expected bureaucracy.

On Eurosender's online platform, you can access the Envelope, Standard and Express Shipping postal services. Each one is ideal for a different type of challenge. One place – all your solutions.

How does Eurosender operate in postal services?

Eurosender is an online logistics platform that offers solutions for your specific need in postal services. They work with the safest and most reliable couriers on the market to ensure customers' a hassle-free and pleasant experience.

All of the postal services have door-to-door delivery. This means collection at your home and delivery at the location of your appointment. Your belongings also go through an effective online tracking system. At any indication of malfunction, customer support is available 24 hours a day.

Even if, in rare cases, an error occurs on the part of the courier, Eurosender will be at the customer's side at all times. The company will be in communication with the courier so that the case's resolution is faster and more effective. In this way, they work as a source of security for the customer.

Envelope Service:

Through the Envelope Service, Eurosender allows you to send important and urgent documents internationally with express deliveries. If you are moving to or from Germany and need to send documents related to housing or work contract, university documents, or a simple letter, this is the right service for you.

Eurosender's platform is available in 13 different languages. Also, their customer's support is 24h ready to help you place an order in 18 different languages!

What are the dimensions of the Envelope?

With this service, you can send documents, letters, photos and others that follow the following dimensions:

  • Measure the size of your documents: up to 35 x 28 cm
  • Measure the weight of your documents: up to 2 Kg

Your documents dimensions exceed those mentioned above? Consider sending in 2 or more different envelopes, or choose to send them with Standard Shipping.

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Standard Shipping:

If your letter, postcard or documents exceed the Envelope Service dimensions, or you wish to send other types of postal items, consider using our Standard Shipping service.

Through it, you can safely send up to 10 boxes containing your most diverse belongings and provide the help you need in your move. Your belongings arrive in just 5 - 7 business days. Do you need delivery urgency and can't wait for this deadline? Choose Express Shipping.

What are the dimensions of the Standard Shipping?

  • Weight up to 30 kg
  • Maximum length of 175 cm
  • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm (length plus two times width plus two times height should be less than 300 cm or 3 m altogether)

Express Shipping:

The Express Shipping is the best option if you need to send valuable belongings. Or if your documents exceed the Envelope Service dimensions, and you need an urgent delivery.

Suitable for this type of cases, this service provides:

  • Deliveries 24h within Europe and 48-72h globally.
  • More safety, as it does not go through warehouses, or at least goes through fewer.
  • Shipping of packages with a single dimension above 120cm and up to 300cm and Max. Weight of 70 kg.
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Get a price calculation

Shipping costs will vary according to several factors, including the type of service chosen, location of collection and delivery, dimensions and weight of your package or envelope.

To calculate the cost of your postal service Eurosender offers online calculators for the Envelope, Standard and Express Shipping.

Don't forget to use your 10% discount on Eurosender postal services with coupon code HOWTO10 and ship at even more affordable prices.


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