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Fintosch Multilingual Primary School

Welcome to our family


The Fintosch Primary School is a logical continuation of the Fintosch concept of early childhood development.

The teaching is based on the immersion method, whereby the German and international curriculum (IPC) are united. We teach in German and English (50% / 50%) with another third foreign language from the 3rd grade. Free choice after 4th grade in the German or English school system.

Fintosch International Primary School

The school in general, and the German and Math Department in particular follow the Hessian curriculum. For the primary school, they fit well with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

The IPC is one of the fastest growing curriculums in the world with 1800 schools across 90 countries following it. Its comprehensive, thematic and creative approach combined with its focus on knowledge, skills and understanding complement the IPC well with the skills-oriented Hessian curriculum.

Fintosch Facts

  • Flexible opening hours from 7:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Combining work and family life: closing for only seven days a year
  • Enrolment possible at any time
  • Nursery, kindergarten and elementary school all under one roof.
  • Multilingual
  • German and International Curriculum
  • Afternoon activities
  • Company spaces available
  • Located nearby Messe Frankfurt-Westend
  • A state-approved "Ersatzschule" according to the Hessian educational master plan "Rahmenplan"
  • International Primary Curriculum (IPC)
  • Multilingual education offer - longstanding experience in education
  • Holistic, flexible and creative learning
  • Small classes with 20 students
  • Sports and healthy nutrition are an integral part of the school day


The measure of all things is the parents’ satisfaction with our work.
We consider us as partners in educating the children.
We promote the knowledge of English and German.
Our educational aim: Integration into the increasingly international society at an early age.

We believe that every child is unique.
We consider it as our duty to respond to the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of every child in a sensitive way.
The program we offer is adapted to the children’s age and abilities. Learning with fun is promoted by experiencing success.
Our school is committed to contributing to a continuous personal enrichment and education of every child in order to promote the children’s social, emotional and cognitive potential.


Meet the familiy:
Our Fintosch team consists of skilled English and German speaking teachers, native speakers and of assistants. We are a highly motivated and qualified team. In addition to the command of English and German language, our staff members can incorporate their own cultural backgrounds and traditions. This advantageous diversity opens up an international dimension for the children.

The Fintosch teachers are allowed to give free rein to their ideas within the scope of the concept. Only if our staff has room for personal development, the children can expand their own potential.

Mr. Frank van Poucke, Director, Fintosch International Primary School

Information possibilities at Fintosch International Primary School

The admissions process for the school year 2021/2022 at Fintosch Multilingual Primary School in Frankfurt has begun again. Due to the current general circumstances of Corona and latest restrictions a long exchange is not possible in comparison to our Open House event at the beginning of this year. Anyway we are there for you. By this opportunity we would now offer you other ways to meet our director Mr. van Poucke either via Skype/Zoom or you can choose 1:1 appointments (please wear a mask). He would be happy to answer to all of your questions.

Please make your own impression of our “Feels like family-concept” and of our joy of learning how we live and work at Fintosch. We have small classes at our Multilingual Primary School. We teach in German and English (50% / 50%) with another third foreign language from the 3rd grade. The school concept unites the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) with the Hessian education and upbringing program. The entry level (Early Year 1) starts from the age of 5. By the way, kids of expats can start anytime during the school year. Even during the previous lockdown and assumed in the case of a second wave all our teachers are well prepared with the offer of an online education.

Just plan your visit and fill in the short registration form at: https://www.fintosch.com/en/admissions-primary-school/ or send an email to: marketing@fintosch.com


Fintosch gGmbH

Multilingual Primary School
Schumannstraße 4-6
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 (0) 69 770769-11
Fax: +49 (0) 69 770769-12
E-Mail: info@fintosch.com
Web: http://www.fintosch.com/en/primary-school/

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