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German Pension Contribution Service uG

Germany based Fundsback started out by helping friends from abroad get refunds of their paid pension contributions after they left Germany. It all began as friendly favors. From those experiences, a new business was born.

Fundsback has one primary mission – to help people place their claims with the German pension insurance and receive any refunds for which they are eligible.

How does Fundsback do that?

We ensure that all people who have worked in Germany don´t leave money back in Germany. The protection of our clients’ pension contributions is the reason why we developed different products. Our most important product is the Pensioncheck.

Our Pensioncheck is the initial point for determining and securing your pension contributions to Deutsche Rentenversicherung. It is fast, digital and customer oriented.

What is involved with the Fundsback Pensioncheck?

  • We check the insurance periods for completeness
  • Within a few days, our customers receive a detailed list of their claims against Deutsche Rentenversicherung.
  • We pass on a concrete recommendation for action to the customer

What recommendations does Fundsback have for the enforcement of pension rights?

  • The application for old-age pension
  • The reimbursement of pension contributions

If you want to know more about Fundsback, visit our website www.fundsback.org or our Facebook page.

If you want to start the Pensioncheck now, please go to our Pensioncheck link.


Fundsback German Pension Contribution Service uG

Schiffgraben 43
30175 Hannover

Tel: +49-(0)511 898 444 20
Fax: +49-(0)511 898 444 21


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