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German Jobs: International moves made easy

We help medical professionals come and work in Germany

The medical profession in Germany is strictly regulated and there are many conditions for international doctors to meet before they can work here. German Jobs makes it easy to check whether you meet these requirements, tells you what to do if you don't, and then helps you find the right job.


Starting with an online assessment of your qualifications and circumstances, we provide a professional evaluation of your options, with clear next steps to help you get a job to match your skills as well as the visa you need. Qualified applicants enter our talent pool, where hospitals, clinics, and potential employers recruit directly. With our services we can help with everything from learning medical German to filling in your paperwork and applying for a job. We aim to offer all the information and help you need to come and work in Germany, in one place.

Our services for doctors

German Jobs Online Assessment

Free eligibility check: Avoid expensive legal advice and check your eligibility to come and work here by answering a few quick questions.

Professional evaluation: Take our full assessment, create a profile and get a professional evaluation of your options for coming to work in Germany.

Job placement: Qualified candidates enter our talent pool where they are matched to jobs posted by hospitals, clinics, and potential employers.

Step by step help: Assessment takers get an individual roadmap to help you with everything from getting your visa to applying for work and relocating.

Medical sector specialists: Help getting the license and recognitions you need to work as a doctor in Germany. We also offer 'German for doctors', a preparatory course for the German Medical Association's language exam.

All the services you need in one place: Job Matching, language courses, visa and resident permit applications, we have easily bookable services to help you move to Germany.

Start by taking our assessment.

Extra services

Language Class

We offer many individually bookable services, including:

  • Language learning, including 'German for doctors', a preparatory course for the German Medical Association's language exam
  • Relocation and visa application help
  • Preparation of job application documents and interview coaching
  • Individual consultancy

See all services.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Germany offers lots of opportunities for doctors and nurses but language knowledge is required.

Be proactive and start learning German!

We offer online intensive classes for all levels (A to C, with Telc certification)

  • Live certified teacher
  • 120 units, 45 minutes each, 3 units a day for 5 days a week
  • small groups of max 6 people

Sign up or contact us for more Information: https://www.germanjobs.com/learn-german-online/

German Visa

Advice from a team you can trust

Our team includes professional recruiters and relocation advisors with many years of experience. We are based in Germany and are in daily contact with a network of employers as well as legal and state services to help you successfully relocate to Germany.

Private advice can be expensive. With the innovative digital service offered on germanjobs.com, we can provide access to our expertise, experience and employer network at an affordable price to all.

German Jobs Team


German Jobs
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