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The Easiest Way to Get Married in Denmark

Denmark, for a variety of reasons, has been a popular marriage destination for foreigners and Germans alike for many years. One of the primary reasons that foreigners living in Germany to get married in Denmark is the short amount of time that it takes (from a couple of days to a week) for the entire procedure.

This is in contrast to Germany where it can take much longer. For example, if one or both of the couple is not a resident, they must establish residency in Germany for at least 21 days.

Also, the amount of paperwork necessary in Germany may be burdensome to collect and prepare in a short period of time.

Another reason Denmark is a good choice is because of the ready availability of wedding service companies that can help you prepare in advance and will assist in dealing with the bureaucracy.

Getting Married in Denmark is a service company started by a Danish/British couple. A short history of the company:

Danish boy meets British girl, one thing leads to another and after a world wind romance, they decide to get married in Denmark.

Experiencing the process of getting married in Denmark and all that is involved, they learned just how important it is to have the support and inspiration to help you prepare for that special day and so they started a wedding magazine to inspire couples who wanted a special touch to their celebration.

The wedding magazine soon led them to planning weddings but quickly they found that they felt happiest when they were helping couples who were in a similar position as they had been when they were getting married in Denmark.

Today, Getting Married in Denmark, with a larger team, helps couples from all over the world, each with their own unique history and situation prepare and administrate everything they need to have their wedding day in Denmark, easy, quickly and without stress.


We Can Professionally Translate Your Documents Too!

Once you email us we will send you an automated email straight away with some questions that help us understand your circumstances and when you would like to marry. One of our wedding advisers will then get back to you as soon as possible. We then take a look at your current situation, history and also take in to account when you would like to marry to find the best solution and location for your needs as well as tell you the specific documentation we will need to process your application.

When we have all of your documents we begin processing. This starts at our end first. We check them over and make sure they are correct, pick out any potential problems and work them through with you. We then hand the documents over to the officials at the town hall. Sometimes further problems may arise with your documentation and we are immediately on hand to resolve any issues.

Apostille Legalisation Service

The Danish international marriage certificate you receive after your wedding in Denmark is written in four languages - Danish, English, French and Spanish. It is valid worldwide but in some countries they do ask for it to be legalized with the Apostille. If you would like to use your marriage certificate for administration in foreign offices, this usually requires that the document is legalized for such use. Not all places require this but we advise you check with the office you intend to use it at first, to know for sure.

We can legalize your document with our Apostille Service. Depending on which town hall you marry and the day of the week, this can take from a couple of days to approximately 1 week.

Town halls around Denmark have different processing times, they also have different document requirements so the length of time it takes to gain confirmation that your documents have been accepted, once they are with the officials at the town hall, can vary. When we have received confirmation for your wedding ceremony, we send you information about your day as well as a billing email for our services.

We offer a variety of different packages

The Essential package is great for couples who are looking for a town hall wedding in Denmark. We offer you help with your documentation and ceremony appointment in a town hall that suits your requirements best. From the capital city of Copenhagen, to town halls close to Germany and island weddings.

We can arrange a wedding ceremony for you in as little as 3 days. This is for couples who need a ceremony appointment within 4 weeks. See our Essential Package above to check out what else is included.

Throughout this whole process we are constantly on hand for any questions you have. Our response time is always exceptionally quick. Whether it's help with your documentation or advice on your stay in Denmark we are constantly supporting you.

Royal Gardens Ceremony
At the Royal Danish Gardens in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen), we can offer you a stunning setting for your ceremony and private dining reception afterwards with catering from top restaurant, Mielcke & Hurtigkarl in one of 3 different buildings within the beautiful, natural and historical grounds. Whether you're a party of 8 or 200, there is a stylish and elegant option for you.

Botanical Gardens Copenhagen
If you dream of a garden wedding, this could be for you! You can have your wedding in the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen and choose one of many spots and hideaways to hold the ceremony. It could be just the two of you or up to 60 guests.

Hotel SP34 Wedding
It usually takes up to 5 weeks to process your documents and find out your wedding date at Copenhagen city hall. That's why we organize a wedding event called ‘The Copenhagen Wedding' so that you can have a ceremony just as low key and affordable as a registry office wedding with the benefit of being able to book the date right away.

Hotel Suite Ceremony
For couples without guests or with just one or two who want the ultimate low key wedding in style and comfort. We can arrange the most secretive and intimate ceremonies in any of the suits available in Copenhagen. (venue/suite rates not included)


Getting Married in Denmark

Rathsacksvej 4 1th.
Frederiksberg, Denmark

Tel: +45 31 61 11 52
Between 09.00 and 17.30 Danish time (GMT+2) Monday to Friday

Email: Contact@gettingmarriedindenmark.com
Website: https://gettingmarriedindenmark.com/


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