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Humboldt-Institut – German Courses for all Ages

With over 85.000 students and more than 40 years of teaching experience, the Humboldt-Institut is one of the leading language schools for German courses in Germany. An intensive German course at the Humboldt-Institut is the ideal solution for everyone who is looking to improve his or her German quickly.

The Humboldt-Institut provides German courses for children, teenagers and adults at any time of the year. Courses are offered on all levels, from total beginner to advanced learner.

What is special about the intensive German Courses?

All intensive courses are offered as packages including accommodation, full board, daily activities and excursions. German is spoken not only in the classroom but also during meals and activities in the afternoon and evening. This way students can fully focus on learning and immerse themselves in the German language. The immersive approach enhances the learning process as students learn to apply their German knowledge naturally in everyday situations.

The number of lessons per week in the intensive German courses – 30 lessons for adults and adolescents and 25 lessons for children – is above average and contributes to a fast and efficient learning success.

To further improve the learning experience, the Humboldt-Institut features small classes averaging 10 students taught by experienced teachers.

German Language Prep Schools and Summer Courses

Humboldt runs a total of four year-round schools:

  • two German language schools for adults (18 +) in Constance and Berlin-Mitte and
  • two German language schools for children and teenagers in Lindenberg (13 - 17 years) and Bad Schussenried (10 - 17 years), both located in southern Germany.

Additional 12 summer camps for different age groups are available between June and August all over Germany and Austria. Summer courses for teenagers are mainly offered in big cities like Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Vienna and many more. Summer courses for children take place in smaller towns and in the countryside. In both cases, the institute provides 24-hour supervision of its minor students.

Detailed information about the available German courses in each location is provided on the Humboldt-Institut’s website.

How long does a German course take?

The intensive German courses can be booked for a flexible duration starting from two weeks and depending on the desired goal. Summer courses typically take between two to six weeks.
Students who wish to achieve a certain level such as B1 have to calculate five weeks per level for levels A1, A2 and B1. Ten weeks per level are required for levels B2, C1 and C2.

A new level usually starts each month. Those starting dates are also suitable for total beginners who start in an A1 class. Students with previous knowledge of German can of course join already running courses and have a wider choice of starting dates. A detailed placement test ensures that each student will be assigned to a class that best fits his or her level

Special German Programs

Depending on the goals of each student, the Humboldt-Institut has developed several programs to focus the German courses on:

  • German + Secondary Education in German
    German preparation plus placement service at one of over 40 partner boarding schools. A school transition course and short-term programs are available too.
    A prior German course with Humboldt can give new students a head start when entering the German school system.
  • German + University
    Intensive German preparation, TestDaF or telc exams (if required) and an application service to maximize each student's chance of getting enrolled at a university in Germany are offered in Berlin and Constance.
  • German for Business Executives
    Highly individualized one-to-one courses for clients seeking to improve their German in specific fields, such as business German, are offered in Berlin.

The Humboldt-Institut optimizes student success in the shortest possible amount of time, all while making it fun to study in a motivating German learning environment.

Humboldt has the right German program for you!

Learn more about the German courses and schools:


Video: German Courses for Adults in Berlin and Constance

Video: German Courses for Children and Teenagers



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