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Hypofriend is a next generation digital mortgage service using proprietary technology to find you the best mortgage. Built by expats for expats, Hypofriend scans the market and uses powerful algorithms to tailor the best mortgage to your personal situation.

Together with a trusted advisor you will be personally guided through the entire German mortgage process, free of charge.

Unlike most providers, our focus is not on the cheapest deal - but on the right mortgage that suits your current and future plans, that means our proprietary technology takes key decision criteria into account that most advisors will often miss.

Together with a trusted advisor we will find you the right mortgage. You can start your mortgage journey online here.


Hypofriend GmbH

Torstrasse 98
10119 Berlin

Phone Number +49 (0)30 549 099 411
Email Address info@hypofriend.de
Website www.hypofriend.de