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The International School of Hamburg

Embark on a Voyage of Learning – 60+ years of Bringing the World Together

Founded in 1957, the International School of Hamburg (ISH) was the very first of its kind in Germany. To this day it remains the only institution in Hamburg accredited by the Council of International Schools. For more than half a century we have been fulfilling the needs of internationally minded parents who desire an excellent full-day education for their children.

We offer three curriculum frameworks which meet the needs of students across the age groups within the school:

Our aim is to provide a holistic education which recognises that a child's knowledge and understanding can be measured not only through traditional written tests and assessments, but also in a multitude of other ways. These include oral presentations, collaborative group tasks, artistic and athletic expression, and the use of technology to demonstrate learning.

By using the existing network of several thousand IPC and IB schools, internationally mobile parents can avoid the many challenges associated with switching between national education systems. In other words: IPC and IB make education portable.

A mosaic of nations - Many languages - One community

ISH's language of instruction is English, yet speakers of all languages benefit from our English as an Additional Language (EAL) progamme.  Students who arrive with little knowledge of English are enabled to access the curriculum as quickly as possible and go on to thrive in our school. We also provide opportunities for students to study their mother tongue during the curricular day or after school.

Educating open-minded, responsible students to develop their full potential

With a growing student population of almost 780, and a neighbourhood campus bordering the city's Botanical Garden, ISH is an integral part of the local landscape. On a typical day, visitors might observe volunteer parents welcoming new families. Drop by on a Friday evening and you will see high school students serving refreshments at a play or musical. On a Saturday morning, visitors will hear the sound of a piano lesson or cheering from the gym or soccer field as our Falcons teams compete. In November, visitors from the local neighbourhood share the excitement of our annual International Day. Before the Christmas holiday, a group of 2nd grade children can be found singing seasonal carols in the entrance area. Our calendar is filled with events, clubs and activities aimed at connecting our community with each other and with the wider world beyond our borders.

Our graduates have been able to successfully connect their educational experience to an ever-changing world of employment, advanced study at prestigious universities, the arts, or humanitarian service.

If you are a parent who seeks an excellent international education for your children, a qualification with global acceptance, and a unique community spirit download our school brochure, or contact us via email at Admissions@ishamburg.org to learn more.

For further information about the school, current Open Days and its philosophy, please click: www.ishamburg.org

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International School of Hamburg

Hemmingstedter Weg 130
22609 Hamburg, Germany

Tel: +49 40 8000 50 0
Fax: +49 40 881 14 05

Email: Admissions@ishamburg.org
Web: www.ishamburg.org

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