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"Making life easier for expats"

InterNations helps expats to feel at home abroad, meet people and find information about their new environment.

You are moving to Germany...

You need so much information, you have so many questions – but you’re not sure who to ask. You need to find somewhere to live, open a bank account, set up your internet connection – but you’re still getting used to the German language and culture. And most of all, you want to meet others who understand your situation, who share your interests and hobbies – other global minds, new friends.

What if you could find everything you need in one place?

A place where international people like you meet, connect, and exchange information. A welcoming community of open-minded individuals who share your experiences. A secure space full of useful advice from fellow expats and knowledgeable locals. A world of opportunities to network and find friends who will explore your new surroundings with you - wherever you are in the world. You’ve just found that place. Welcome abroad, welcome to InterNations!

InterNations helps you feel at home in Germany

From the moment you decide to move to Germany until you’ve settled in and beyond – we want to make sure that you can enjoy your expat experience to the fullest! Wherever in the world life takes you, our InterNations Communities help you feel at home.

As the largest international community for people who live and work abroad, InterNations offers global networking opportunities, local events and expat-relevant information. At around 4,000 monthly events and activities, expats get to meet fellow internationals in their city, while forums and destination guides provide valuable tips and information. To ensure the quality of the network, InterNations membership is by approval only.

Connect with international people in your city

  • Network with interesting, international people both online and offline
  • Build your own network of expats & global minds, no matter where you live
  • Get in touch with people who share your interests and experiences

Join exciting events to meet fellow expats

  • Meet other international people in your city of residence at our regular events
  • Share your hobbies and interests with other InterNations members
  • Take the chance to make a difference to your local community by donating your time and talents to people in need

Get tips and information about your destination

  • Find information about everything you need to know when moving abroad
  • Read about other expats’ experiences and share your own
  • Exchange tips and join forum discussions with other global minds

In Germany InterNations has communities in:

Click here to see the InterNations survey results about expats in Germany.



E-mail: info@internations.org
Website: www.internations.org

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