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The Correct Choice of the Appropriate Insurer Assures Good Health Coverage for You

Since 2015 the Krankenkassezentrale (KKZ) or Health Insurance Center has been a principal source of information regarding consumer concerns in Germany's health insurance industry. This includes assisting the public in finding the appropriate insurance providers among more than 100 public ("gesetzlich") insurers.

With the help of our free, online calculator, you can compare health insurance providers' prices and coverage costs while reviewing our test results and reports of all top-scoring carriers.

Our team will gladly provide a report on the provider's services that you have chosen and will guide you throughout the period when you are selecting or changing your health insurance provider. Likewise, we are always at your disposal per telephone and E-Mail when it comes to answering questions about giving notice or changing a current provider or filing an application. Further topics reviewed by the Krankenkassenzentrale include:

  • All aspects of public ("gesetzlich") and private Health Insurance
  • Long-term care insurance "Pflegepflichtversicherung"
  • Supplementary dental, long-term care, and health insurance
  • Premiums and services
  • Current listing of all health insurers with supplementary care fees today and in 2016
  • Special tariffs for families, students, government employees, and the self-employed

Changing Health Insurers and Taking Advantage of the Change

The health insurance companies differentiate themselves in terms of additional fees and enhanced or supplementary services. Depending on gross income and health insurer, a change of insurers can save you more than 700 Euros annually... and still enable you to obtain more services for instance professional teeth cleaning. Also, a higher bonus for precautionary, prophylactic health practices may be available. We will look after you during your change of insurer, taking extra care to make sure your changeover is totally problem-free. If you wish, we can provide you with pre-printed forms for giving your present insurer notice and applying for new coverage elsewhere. Several insurers make use of diverse methods trying to retain their clients. The KKZ will support your decision to make the change with plentiful information to assure that your changeover is accomplished quickly and free of complications.


Special Health Insurance for Students

Students have various health insurance options. In general, they may be insurable free of charge under their parents' family insurance policy up until their 25th birthday if the parents are publicly insured. Afterwards, they may extend their coverage with a special student tariff up until age 30 or up until their 14th semester. However, there are several things to be observed here. The KKZ can inform you about the requirements and costs involved with student insurance also regarding earnings obtained by having a part time job during the period of study.


Comparing Test Reports and Finding the Right "Winner" for You

In order to make the decision easier for you, most health insurance providers are evaluated by well-known institutions such as Warentest, DFSI or Focus Money and eventually a winner is chosen. Among the most important criteria judged are-- what coverage is provided, the quality and accessibility of the service, supplementary fees for dental cleanings, other additional fees and the assumption of costs for non-traditional or alternative health care methods. Based on their non-identical evaluation scales, test reports' findings can vary resulting in different winners being chosen. Therefore, it is worthwhile reading various KKZ reports to gain a better feel for the attributes of all the winners.


Special Conditions for Refugees in the German Health Care System

As a result of the vast wave of refugees entering Germany in recent years, many people have come here from many different countries. Not all health care benefits are available to refugees. Because each German province or federal state has different conditions, benefits can vary greatly for refugees. The KKZ has an overview of the introduction of the electronic health care card. We also explain the differences between those seeking asylum, migrants and refugees. Usually, it is perceived that a refugee receives more money from the state than a German citizen. That misconception can be dismissed as we can accurately show the real differences found in our insurers' services report in comparison to the services rendered recipients covered by the Unemployment Compensation II Act also known as Hartz-4.




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