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Munich Airport International

Enjoy Bavarian hospitality at its best

Whether you are visiting Munich or transiting to another destination – Munich Airport will extend a delightful foretaste of Bavarian hospitality!

Skytrax World Airport Awards 2014:

  • Europe’s Best Airport
  • Third Best Airport Worldwide
  • World’s 2nd Best Airport VIP Terminals

Munich Airport, the smoothest connection hub

Experience for yourself how easy it is to connect at Munich Airport. You won't be wasting your time - Munich Airport is designed for smooth connections and achieves an unbeatable minimum connecting time of just 30 minutes, outperforming every other leading European hub. Clear signage and user-friendly terminal layout enable passengers to get around quickly and easily. At every arrival gate in Terminal 2, screens display all onward connections relevant to deboarding passengers. Seven Lufthansa Service Centers provide the full range of Lufthansa services. Moving sidewalks, fast-track passport screening and high-speed baggage sorting facilities ensure that transfers run like clockwork.

Innovative form of passenger information

In addition to the Service Centers and personal Information counters, Munich Airport offers "InfoGates". The Info-Gate counters and Interactive-displays help passengers to find their way quickly. Airport staff is available via video conferencing to answer questions and map out airport directions which can be printed. The quickest way to your chosen destination will be displayed on a map of the airport including distances, and the estimated walking and anticipated waiting time at passport control and security screening will also be computed.

Your Gateway to Europe

Are you planning a trip to Barcelona or Helsinki? If you are traveling within Europe, Munich Airport could be your favorite gateway. It ranks first offering destinations within Europe and is one of Europe's top hubs in terms of the frequency and quality of connecting services.

If you would like to join in the Carnival festivities in Venice or attend an opera performance in Verona – Munich connections are worth checking out. The airport comes on second place worldwide offering international flights to and from Italian destinations, hence Munich's nickname, "Italy's most northerly airport," is very well deserved. In summer, up to 373 weekly flights connect Munich to cities all over Italy. And you can start enjoying Italy's unique atmosphere before you take off by visiting Munich Airport's own "Little Italy": the Spazio Italia in Terminal 2. Here you can sip the best espresso north of the Alps and enjoy snacks served by friendly Italian-speaking staff while watching Italian TV or perusing newspapers hot off the presses in Rome and Milan.

Are you planning to go sightseeing in Hungary or do business in Russia? Munich Airport also has excellent connectivity to Eastern Europe with more than 600 flights per week.

Munich Airport - The Gateway to Europe: www.munich-airport.com/viaMUC


Spend your time at the exclusive VipWing in Terminal 1. The VipWing caters to travelers with superior demands. It offers quiet areas to relax or work. Individual suites are available as well as one equipped conference suite. A personal attendant assists with check-in, baggage handling, passport control, customs clearance and VAT refunds. Additional services such as limousine transfers to and from the aircraft, individual security check and further amenities will also be provided.

Contact: +49 89 975-2 13 33
E-mail: vip@munich-airport.de
or visit the website: www.munich-airport.com/en/consumer/aufenthalt_trans/vip_new/index.jsp.

Enjoy the Airport

Whether you are arriving, connecting or departing, Munich Airport offers plenty to see and do. If you have a little time, the various choices start with a visit to some of the 150 shops featuring top names in fashion, jewelry and accessories, or an enjoyable break at one of the 45 bars and restaurants.

You can also take a stroll outside to see the Munich Airport Center (MAC), the amazing structure linking the two terminals. The MAC is the venue for many exciting events all year round, ranging from a beach volleyball tournament - played on 750 tons of sand especially trucked in for the occasion - and open-air movie nights in summer to a winter market in December with gingerbread, mulled wine, traditional handcrafts and an outdoor ice skating rink! For the last two years Munich Airport even hosted the Standing Wave European Surfing Competition right on their premises.

The MAC is also the home of the Airbräu restaurant – the world's only airport brewery. Enjoy authentic Bavarian cooking and German beer brewed right on site. In the summer months you can quench your thirst the Bavarian way in the Airbräu beer garden, shaded by real chestnut trees.

Would you like to relax and unwind? Treat yourself to a massage in Terminal 2 before your flight takes off. For men who like to be pampered, nothing beats a visit to the famous Brants Barber & Shop. Or you can drop in to the Fit & Fly Spa in the Kempinski Airport Hotel to refresh your body, mind and spirit. A useful tip: The Fit & Fly Spa also welcomes passengers who are not staying at the Kempinski Airport Hotel!

One of the most innovative amenities offered at the airport is the Napcab sleeping cabin. Developed by students at Munich’s university of science and technology, the Napcab is great for catching some zzz’s and get some privacy during travel.

These comfortable pods include a spacious bed, relaxing music, TV and adjustable lighting settings. There is also a small desk and free Internet access. Napcabs can be booked directly on location by the hour and are located in more private areas of the airport.

The airport now offers a Recreation Area as well, in Terminal 2, replete with relaxation and working zones. Rest with couches and Napcabs to choose from, while monitors keep you informed about your flights. Can’t get away from work? Ensconce yourself with your computer at the working area’s desks and chairs, with free Internet and plentiful power outlets.

For passengers traveling with children, Munich Airport offers a babysitting service for 3-10-year-olds (first hour free of charge).


Munich Airport International

For more information see www.munich-airport.com