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Heading for Munich? Bavaria bound?

To paraphrase Getrude Stein: A Munich is a Munich is a Munich...

What better way to get to the heart of Munich, the Bavarian capital, than by having a "Muenchner Kindl" (kid from Munich) show you the way?

After growing up in a city on theDanube ( a bit north of Munich), and living a while in Italy (a bit south of Munich), I finally decided to move to Munich, the capital city of my home-state of Bavaria. And I have been in love with Munich ever since - with the palaces and churches of Munich, with Munich's shady beer gardens and opulent operas houses, with Munich's love for the past and its rush towards the future.

When you come to Munich, it makes no difference if your taste is for high art and centuries' old culture or one of Munich's down-home institutions like skinny-dipping in our frigid river or downing a liter of beer in a Munich beer garden and a grilled chicken at Munich's famous Oktoberfest, for enjoying a soccer match of one of our famous teams (Bayern Muenchen or 1860 Muenchen) or the latest high tech museum. I'll bring you there -- and give you all the inside Munich info about the why, the how, the where, and the when -- in English, of course.

Be guided expertly through Munich's priceless art collections in the city's famous museumsor to savoury snacks at the market right in the centre of Munich. Join me in Schwabing (Munich's "Greenwich Village on the Isar"), with its student hangouts, sidewalk cafés, and dozens of serene beer gardens known only to the locals. Every aspect of Munich, Germany's "Secret Capital -- The Cosmopolis with a Heart"can be tapped into, if only you have the right Munich guide!

As if the City of Munich itself were not enough, I'm intimately familiar with Munich's wondrously beautiful country-side: its lakes, and villages, and the fabulous adjacent cities of Augsburg, Regensburg, Salzburg and Innsbruck -- either as day-trip excursions or extended visits. Likewise the gorgeous Bavarian Alps - just an hour to the South of Munich - with breath-taking scenery, lovely villages, traditional towns,tiny hamlets, and the whole gamut of spas, sports and recreation areas including Garmisch, Oberammergau and Berchtesgaden - all within easy reach from Munich.

Let me in on your special wishes and together we can plan your Munich or Bavarian or German or European holiday.