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Welcome to OBN

OBN - Expats Financial Advice Germany is a premium partner in the realbest network for real estate. We provide exclusive properties in Berlin and other German metropolitan areas

  • As a buyer you can get online access through realbest to attractive and exclusive properties with high-quality listings and all other property documentation.
  • Buyers can get access to properties that can’t be found on conventional property platforms
  • This allows buyers to find their dream property quickly and effectively, and they can even reserve it online.
  • Once you have found a suitable property contact OBN to settle all financing and insurance matters. This way you benefit from our expertise.

Your benefits with OBN

  • Exclusive home loan at a favorable interest rate
  • Personal consultation on site, by telephone or online
  • Accompanied by expert mortgage specialists
  • Answers to all your questions on real estate purchase
  • Mediation of translators, evaluators or lawyers
  • Assistance throughout the buying process

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Reg.Nr.: D-ZO8Y-ZCAHN-89
Willi-Graf-Ring 36
53229 Bonn

Mobile: +49 (0) 152-54715386