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About OBN Finance

Whether you are a non-resident, expat in Germany or a permanent resident, we are the matchmakers who align your purchasing power with the right-fit on owning a property. Founded by Bonn-based financial advisor Osman Nyei, we combine complex mortgage calculations with the most efficient financial product advice given to you by our rich ecosystem of real estate partners, tax consultants, lawyers and banks.

Why you need a mortgage advisor?

  • Map a repayment plan for your loan in the right time
  • Simplify the German financing process with a partner who understands the challenges faced by foreign buyers at every step
  • Collaborate with a pool of experts in Mortgage from different fields to guide you through legal matters
  • Make the best investment decision in terms of location and pricing
  • Remove language as a barrier when you work with the German bureaucracy

You might have experienced that due to the current bank closures clients can’t always get an appointment to proceed with the purchase. Note that I do remain open to advise all clients who are in need of a mortgage and happy to proceed with an online consultation. Advising clients online has been my specialty over the past years.

Please feel free to contact me whenever you have questions.

OBN German Mortgage Advisory

Answer a few simple questions to receive a mortgage proposal tailored to your personal prerequisites within 24 hours.
Download self declaration.



Reg.Nr.: D-ZO8Y-ZCAHN-89
Martinsplatz 1-2
53113 Bonn

Mobile: +49 (0) 152-54715386

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