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Patriot Automobiles (PMA)

After years of providing quality pre-owned cars to US personnel stationed overseas, whether diplomatic, military or civilian, Patriot Automobiles (PMA) has recently extended its services to Expats of all nationalities who hold a residence permit in Germany. PMA's founders have over 50 years of combined experience in the pre-owned car sales business.

The PMA program includes (but is not limited to):

  • Customer loyalty benefits
  • Help with Insurance
  • Guaranteed Inspection through Certified Workshop in Germany
  • Standard and Extended Warranties
  • Financing help
  • LIVE Support Chat Service in Germany
  • Short/Long Term Rentals

We also offer:

  • Immediate Delivery
  • German and US Specification Vehicles
  • Fair Prices for Trade-Ins
  • Buying and Selling Service
  • Car Finding Service

... and much more!

Patriot Automobiles has five physical locations in Germany and also offers its cars through the Internet.

Contact us for a great value on a pre-owned car or for information on our Expat Rental Program.


Patriot Automobiles (PMA)

On the web:
WhatsApp contact number:
0152 22 64 56 62