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Schule Schloss Salem

Our school

Schule Schloss Salem is Germany's most prominent boarding school. Founded in 1920 by Kurt Hahn, who later also founded Outward Bound and the United World Colleges. The school aims to present young people with the opportunity to develop their personality in every direction: through academic challenge as well as extracurricular opportunity. A lifelong sense of respect for the individual, social responsibility and political awareness are core values. Our school community has always been international, currently over 40 nations are represented.

Our Location

Salem comprises two beautiful castles and one modern campus situated on the north west shore of Lake Constance, one of Europe's most beautiful cultural regions. Austria, Switzerland and the Alps are also within easy driving reach.

Our educational programme

The academic programme in years 5-7 is delivered in German, with Extra English for English native speakers. Intensive instruction in German as a foreign language is available for international students. From year 8 onward, Salem is fully bilingual and offers a dual curriculum ultimately leading to the German Abitur or the IB Diploma. In years 8-10 the international classes, taught in English, in content follow the state syllabus of Baden-Württemberg, thus gaining the German national Year 10 Certificate ('Mittlere Reife').

At Salem, involvement in extra-curricular activities and the life of the boarding community are central. Engagement in at least one afternoon a week of community service and participation in a regular program of sports and/or outdoor pursuits as well as in theatre, art and music activities are part of the core programme.

Salem maintains a very diverse programme of student exchange schemes and residential projects with partner schools in the Round Square network. Supporting the transition to the tertiary sector, a careers office offers expertise as regards both international and European universities and colleges. The Härlen Campus is a SAT test centre.

Our democratic ethos

As far as possible at the respective age, responsibility for the everyday running of the School at the respective levels is, in keeping with Salem's democratic ethos, placed in the hands of students under the guidance of staff. All activities and boarding wings are led by students elected by their peers under the guidance of staff. School regulations are framed with the consent of the student parliament and any disciplinary action is taken by the school administration together with the elected leaders of the student body.


Schule Schloss Salem

D - 88682 Salem, Germany

Tel: 0049 - 7553 - 919- 352
Fax: 0049 - 7553 - 919-380


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