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Get more value for your overnight lodging investments. Trivago helps take the guesswork out of choosing hotels, inns, b+b’s, guesthouses, pensions and holiday destinations - and assures better pricing, too!

Welcome to Trivago - an international hotel listings/booking service which takes the hassle out of booking hotel accommodations  -- not only in Europe, but throughout the world. Trivago places all the choices in your hands. You determine the “Star Count,” level of overall ambience, location, and price of where you want to stay.

On-line with Trivago, you can see for yourself if any one of the lodgings you are considering really meets your expectations and budget. There are also customer reviews of properties to help you get a real feel for each place based on others’ real experiences and not just hype.

For speed and on-line convenience, Trivago links you up with not just one or two booking services but with a full palette of resources designed to provide you with as much information as possible about your destination hotel - up-front.

If Wanderlust has captivated you and you feel adventuresome and just want to take off, you can also put together your own itinerary through Trivago - visiting its favorite destinations section, where you can also pre-notate top local attractions and restaurants close to your hotel or other accommodation.

Why compare prices at Trivago? 

  • First-hand information on travel destinations and accommodations
  • Useful travel tips on hotels, lifestyle spots and sights
  • Transparency over all prices of all providers for all hotels
  • A social network for the exchange of insider advice
  • An authentic first impression of one’s destination to travelers



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