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Urban Ground is the answer to all the expats' challenges in finding an apartment in Berlin

Whether you are looking for a whole apartment or a single room Urban Ground is happy to assist you.

You do not even need to be present in order to view the apartment as all of the properties have a 360 degrees virtual tour and there is also the opportunity to do a video tour of the apartment.

You do not have a Schufa? No problem, you can share your credit score from your home country as well as any non-German documentation!

The rental contracts are bilingual, so you do need to speak German, and can be signed digitally, so you can conclude your rental agreement from wherever you are!

The benefits do not stop there, Urban Ground will also support you in integrating to Germany and let you know the best way to open a bank account or which insurances are best to get!

Do not waste time queuing with hundreds of people to view an apartment!

Visit urbanground.de now and get your Berlin accommodation immediately!


Urban Ground GmbH

Rheinsberger Str. 76/77
10115 Berlin

Email: hello@urbanground.de
Website: https://urbanground.de
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