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With countless soft drinks, colas, mixers, energy and power drinks on the market Germany-wide, what distinguishes VOLT from all the rest?

VOLT is an all-in-one, multi-purpose, universal beverage -

A Cola made from real Sugar and real Caffeine, naturally refreshing - nothing fake or synthesized

VOLT is a Soft Drink -

Straight or with ice, it is light in “mouth feel”, clean, brisk, slightly bitter, thirst-quenching, really intense – and never cloying-sweet.

VOLT is an energy power drink -

Indeed, Volt provides a jolt, grabs your attention, provides the boost you need re-charging your battery

VOLT is also a Mixer -

Volt lends itself perfectly to dark Spirits – Rum, Bourbon, Rye, Blends and Brandy. Its light bitter, slightly caramelized taste melds perfectly with spirits’ hint of sweetness highlighted by Angostura and flavored Bitters, served with fresh lemon, lime or orange, or even mint!

Harking back to the traditional lean taste of Coke in the 40’s and early 50’s, VOLT is totally 21st Century, for those who want something better.

Popularly-priced, more gently than most, VOLT offers distinct flavor, quick energy and money-saving value for discerning consumers.

Volt Power Cola and Volt Power Mix-Max (Cola-Orange-Mix) are available in 0.33 and 0.5 liter cans. EYE OF THE TIGER ENERGY DRINK is available in 0.25 liter cans.

VOLT products come in variations of three convenient, direct-order 24, 48 and 72 unit cases.

VOLT products are available at numerous large chain stores as well as in many gas/service stations throughout Germany.

For more information, sales locations, recipes:

Visit VOLT at: https://voltcola.de/


VOLT Cola International

KDM Marketing- und Vertriebs-GmbH
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D-50858 Köln

Tel: +49 (0) 221 - 94 98 700

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