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Online application for your German income tax return.

Germany is known for many great things, such as football, beer - and an overly complicated, cryptic bureaucracy. Especially when it comes to taxes, foreign nationals living and working in Germany will have a hard time even understanding what is required of them. GermanTaxes.de aims to help those in need by supplying financial advice and saving money by offering reliable software for online tax declarations.

Tax declaration help by GermanTaxes.de

GermanTaxes.de offers a platform for the specific purpose of generating money-saving tax declarations. If used to its full potential, savings of hundreds or thousands of Euros (depending on income) are possible. Expats and other users may take advantage of the following benefits:

  • The entire website is written in English language. Even users without any previous knowledge of the German language whatsoever get a chance to fully compile a tax declaration in compliance with German tax law.
  • A vast array of tips and hints offers an opportunity to save as much money as possible on tax forms. GermanTaxes.de essentially offers everything a tax accountant could offer without the need to pay high fees.
  • Once compilation of the tax declaration is finished, it may be transmitted online to the appropriate tax office immediately.
  • You can try the tax tool for free and only need to pay a service fee of 34,90€ when you file a return.

Everyone struggling with adhering to local tax laws in Germany should try GermanTaxes.de to find help regarding this difficult subject.

Tax-deductible income-related expenses in Germany

All expenses which are somehow related to the field of work the employee is a part of are tax-deductible. This covers costs such as daily commutes, further education, work clothes, business trips, insurances and much more. German tax law defines these expenses as everything "used to obtain and preserve employment".

Find more information here: GermanTaxes.de

If you prefer to do your taxes in German visit: Steuererklaerung.de



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